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7,62х51 FMJ (.308 Win) higher accuracy

7,62х51 FMJ (.308 Win) higher accuracy

7,62х51 FMJ (.308 Win) higher accuracy
Case material / Jacket materialBrass / Copper
Bullet mass, g11,95 - 12,05
Cartridge mass, g25,9 - 28,4
Bullet Velocity V25, m/s735-750
Pressure Pav Averange, Mpa304
Pressure Pav Maximum, Mpa333
Accurancy (Pav) at firing from ballistic at distance 300m, sm*12,7
The quantity at cartridges in box, pcs20
FinctionFor hunting for animals with the weight from 50 to 150 kg

* - Diameter of dispersion (П) - the distance between two inner the most remoted holes, at target firing.
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