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There was celebration of JSC УNovosibirsk Cartridge PlantФ 70 anniversary on 29 December 2009.   15.01.2010

логоIn the course of 70 years the plant passed through the tense, but successful times, and become one of the leading cartridges plants of Russia. And today this article contains lots of congratulations and thanks received by the plant.

But first of all let the veterans speak out.

Vasiliy Lazarevich Berezyuk: - I spent the whole my life with the plant, where I started working in 1939. That time I was a teenager. I and the other boys were immediately assigned to run in the heavy-caliber cartridges. During the war years I worked as a production expert and then several years later I took up an appointment of the head of a workshop. The last 17 years I held the position of a union chairman. That was good time…ветераныSince the end of the 60s the plant began to conduct social policy intentionally. They built an accommodation for workers. Houses in the Kotovskogo and Vatutina Streets were erected by efforts of the plant. The pioneer camp was started in Toguchin. During each season more than 300 children spent their vacations there. Some time after the plant cared for the family’s vacation as well – there was built a recreation facility in Kirza. Nowadays I am trying to keep in touch with the plant, but it is hard with my health. Now I am 85 indeed. As a matter of fact the plant does not forget us, the veterans.

Vladimir Mihailovich Oziablov: - Being the student of tradesmen school #1 I came to work for the plant as an electrician. It was in December of 1941. At that time the plant was evacuated from Podolsk short time ago. I remember it clearly – as soon as the echelons with equipment came to the plant, they were immediately put into production. That time was tough for workers. We were working day and night, having only short breaks. Front line needed cartridges every day. We went through it only because of the crew’s cohesion. This spring I have visited the plant, have looked at the production. Of course there were no many workshops as it were – nowadays the production takes up smaller space. And there are few people I worked with. However, I am happy to know that the plant masters new types of products.

дп€Petr Yakovlevich Dobrynin, General Director, acknowledgement.“Dear friends and associates! Let me express my sincere appreciation to all of you, who made time to compliment on this remarkable anniversary our plant. The honour you did for us we regard it as a token of respect for the plant’s workers. I highly estimate your friendly interest, and hope that in future confidence and benevolence will be the basis of our business and human relations, which will serve to further all-round development of the plant and region, for the benefit of our country. Dear workers!Plant’s anniversary is our huge tribute! I am grateful to all employees of our plant, who has worked for all these years to achieve high figures and get to be the best. We tried LVE trademark to become a guarantee of sound quality, reliability and efficiency. And we managed to do it! Quality of our cartridges deserved high experts’ opinions. For the years of our plant’s existing we got a foothold in the market, had deprived of leadership of many of our rivals. Our plant is well-known and respected.Looking back in time I remember the formative years. That time during the war plants' employees working day and night supply the army with much-needed ammunition. And we were repaid all the toil (then the plant got the Great Patriotic War first class order), produced excellent results. Everybody accepts it. Our products are in great demand. This is the best reward for our sweat.Nowadays JSC “Novosibirsk Cartridge Plant” is one of the leading engineering enterprises of military-industrial complex of Russia. And in future we will continue to make all efforts to keep our leading position on the market. We have rich history and the most valuable customs, and we have ideas and energies to move forward.I hope that our plant will be accompanied by success and good luck for the future.I want to express my gratitude to all veterans, who worked and still working for our plant. We
appreciate you and your work. I wish you well-being and long life.Thank you one more time!” 

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