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Dealers meeting    20.03.2011

Novosibirsk Cartridge Plant invited its Partners to a regular meeting of dealers on 8-10 February in Novosibirsk. Our guests were not afraid of Siberian hard frosts and the plant accorded a warm welcome for local representatives as well as for foreign visitors.  The meeting itinerary consisted of business part and outdoor activity at the hotel Borvikha territory. The opening of the meeting started with welcoming of General Director - P.Ya.Dobrynin in his office. An agenda included summarizing of performance for year 2010, thus, three the most successful dealers were: 1st - Temp, OJSC, Klimovsk, 2nd - LVE Arms Shop, OJSC, Novosibirsk, 3rd - Baikal, OJSC, Izhevsk.


Heads of partner companies performed their brief activity reports. During a conference they touched on the following issues: widening of product range, cartridges quality improvement, future prospects in the market, operating optimization of dealers' network. P.Ya.Dobrynin imparted plant's plans to dealers concerning the settling of new types of products and raising the production volume owing to application of new technologies to production.

рIn context of conference General Director urged the partners to treat consumers more carefully and thoroughly as they are the main source of information allowing the plant to perfect its performance and increase enterprise strategic positions.

Business part of itinerary was continued with demonstrating of cartridges production by experienced specialist. All the production phases were clearly shown during the excursion. There were lots of questions and much feedback from our guests concerning the each phase. In addition to the excursion around workshops participants visited Check-out Test Station (KIS) of the plant. Representatives were able to see not only hunting rifles, guns, pistols, but also a considerable part of military small arms which are used for cartridges testing.


дInformal part of the meeting was as much of interest as the business one. Already traditional shooting competition was held among the participants. The winners were: 1st  - Shklyar Aleksandr Vladimirovich (Head of Customer Representatives Center Deputy of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs); 2nd - Tarasov Dmitriy Vladimirovich (General Director, North-West  Arms Company, OJSC, St. Petersburg); 3rd - Bushmenev Victor Anatolievich (General Director, Zaschita-S, OJSC, Kirov).


юRich itinerary included also excursion around Novosibirsk. Our guests visited the Museum of the Sun to take a piece of warmth for protecting against frosts in future.
But collection of stars was not the only remarkable thing in the museum! Spirit of competitiveness change into pushing out of the bus got stuck among Siberian snowdrifts. Partners were so well-coordinated and do it so fast that this suggests the question about their free-time spending.
Dealers meeting allows its participants to exchange their experiences and opinions, to solve the problems arising in working process, to extend their knowledge horizon as well as to relax and to energize themselves for better results in the year come.
Our plant sincerely thanks all partners for active participation and looks forward to the following meetings!

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